Welcome into the unimaginable paradise
Welcome to 5 Terre

The five villages with intense elements
Cinque Terre is one of those Italian destination that would worth the travel alone. Once in here you hardly remember where you are. Of course, when you leave you will hardly forget it. The five fishing villages stretch across the coastline between Levanto and La Spezia. Of a medieval background those places did not attract too much of attention and only the locals did know about their existence. After the Second World War they went a bit into disgrace as the lack of work forced the inhabitants to leave the small street and not too habitable surrounding. Only in the 70’s with the materialization of national and international tourism they revive. It is of this time that the locals decided to paint the facades of the building and created this marvellous pastel masterpiece that looks like an impressionist painting. The whole five villages and the surroundings park are now be elected UNESCO world heritage site and they are also protected by a national law since 1998.

How to best enjoy your trip in Cinque Terre
One of the more frequent questions in regard with Cinque Terre is about how to get there and how to visit them. The whole coastline between La Spezia and Levanto stretch for about 50 kilometres, however there is a train line (mainly under tunnels) cross and stop in all the five villages. The best travel is than to leave your car nearby or at La Spezia station and take the open tickets that will allow you to hop on and off the tracks and so visit them. Every station is just 5 to 10 minutes apart and by following the walkable path you enjoy the site at its best.
An amazing experience is there waiting for your and the end result will be of an unparalleled unforgettable outcome