Land of Wine, chocolate, nuts and snow

The Elegant lounge of Italy
A border Land, Piedmont lies between Italy and France. This peculiar position has made Piedmont an important crossroads of exchanges and communications throughout history, besides the plains immediately behind the most important mountain chain in Europe, the Alps, make this territory strategic for the cultivation of some highly appreciated native crops, such as rice. The visit of these places never leaves indifferent and offers remarkable opportunities for discovery. Wine tourism is very developed. Piedmont is the region of Italy with the highest number of awards for DOC and DOCG wines, just think of Barolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, just to name a few … But we must not forget that we are in an area with high urban concentration and with very important historical centers. In fact, in addition to the capital Turin with the Mole Antonelliana, La Sacra Sindone and the Egyptian Museum (mentioning only the most famous attractions), the cities of Asti, Novara, Verbania deserve to be visited and discovered … Winter sports complete the tourist offer of this region.

Enjoy the Italian “Bella Vita” Nibbles, good aperitif or coffee

Cities, Nature with the white Alps surrounding

Turin, is a very elegant city, rich in history, art and culture, Turin lets itself be discovered strolling through the “Portici” (arcades) and streets of the center, including palaces, Savoy residences, churches and historic monuments. Turin offers interesting artistic and cultural itineraries: from the Egyptian Museum, second to the world in importance, to the National Cinema Museum, located inside the Mole Antonelliana, symbol of the city, up to the recent MAO – Museum of Oriental Art and GAM, Galleria of Modern Art, among the largest in Italy with over 5,000 works.
Repitaly wanted to introduce also to an uncommon recreational activity “Snowshoeing”. Better known as “Ciaspole”, season after season become an increasingly important proposal in the panorama of sports and recreational offers on the snow. It now involves entire sectors of winter tourism, opening “new” pools of potential users: families, children, senior citizen and all those who, by chance or by choice, do not love or do not practice skiing and its variations.
If you are looking for a winter holiday the philosophy is “slow rhythms”. Favoured by this offer, is always wider and in continuous growth; and if in the summer it is hiking in the mountains to be the master, in winter the main activity, in addition to skiing, is just a structured program of excursions with snowshoes, ideal complement of a week or a weekend in nature.