Puglia the sea region strongly linked to the ground

The cities

Puglia is filled with many cities and villages with a relaxed approach and wonderful architecture they all act as a flywheel to the booming tourism industry. Lecce, Otranto Bari but also the small and very characteristics villages of Alberobello, Polignano or Ostuni are full of landmark locations that cannot be find anywhere else in the world.

The Sea

Originally visited for the sea villages and resort, Puglia is one of those destination that people like to come back not only for a second or a third time but also to settle or to retire. After Tuscany in fact, Puglia is the second region with a high concentration of foreigner residents. The climate, the food the atmosphere the traditions are all attractive factor and the modern policies it made the region as open as possible to the international travel. The many Sea location in the region are of a wide range and quality that during the summer it is just a constant stopover to visit them all. From Natural caves and pools to sandy beach summer is definitely the region season. However the climate and the people will welcome you all year around

Vieste is at the foot of the park.
Perfect oasis of relax in a wonderful sea

The green heaven of Puglia

The Gargano Park
Known more as a holiday resort or, for religious site, as a place of Padre Pio’s preaching than a natural park, the Gargano brings with it the imagination of millions of Italians evocative pictures white houses and holiday atmosphere, as Peschici , Vieste, the Umbra Forest, the Tremiti Islands, one of the most characteristic areas of our country. Areas where you cook in the sun and dive into one of the most beautiful and limpid seas of Italy. This part of Puglia is also one of the richest in different habitats and biodiversity. The motif goes back to the morphological conformation of the “heel of Italy” and its history. When the Apennines began to emerge between the lagoons and the mainland – and we are talking about hundreds of millions of years ago – the Gargano was not there yet, or rather it was just an island, separated from the continent. Only later the promontory would be joined to the mainland forming the unmistakable “spur”, but the “island” origin of the area has however marked the environmental evolution of the area, with its green heart, but also with a mosaic of coastal lakes, a series of islands opposite and a stone desert behind that could only be formed in isolated conditions. It is a rich and varied habitat, as it is difficult to meet in Italy. The authentic jigsaw of environments concentrated in such a restricted territory make the Gargano more an island than a mountain, which, however, only reaches 1,065 meters with Mount Calvo.