Explore One of Italy best
tourist destination, Sicily

History, Tourism, Taste & Adventure.


For many of you that do not know Sicily, this is the island where many civilisations decided to establish their base, from the Byzantine, Greeks, Turks, Arabs, Normans, Spanish, Italians and even Americans. Its location, its climate, its people, its landscape and its food make of Sicily possibly the best holiday destination in the entire world. All this population have left memorable architecture artefacts, natural landscape, delicious Mediterranean dishes, social traditions and cultural heritage. By visiting Sicily, you will not only enrich yourselves by experiencing first hand a marvellous place, but you will also be part of the millennial tradition of leaving a mark into the island heritage. Such a rich culture comes from all the marks left by its many visitors before you this is your chance to be part of this millennial tradition.


The distinctive features of Sicily are many and of a wide variety, so this is the reason why this location can attract a wide range of tourist. Because of this Family holidays are ideal in the island as there are activities for both adults and children. But also, Couple holidays are incredibly romantics. Groups of friends’ holidays would also have the best of their time while in Sicily as the will be able to satisfy the interest of the entire group. As much as the other groups also Senior Citizen holidays will be greatly enjoyable by combining the great level of relaxations with a high level of culture, all in a calm and welcoming environment. As a result every person that come into Sicily will come home richer that when arrived.

Taste & Adventure

We must not forget what Sicily has to offer in terms of Taste and Adventure. Sicily is the home land of Street Food and this is proven by its many different kind of finger food dishes available in the country. This is not merely a practise to attract tourist, but this is the way of life that Sicilians just want to share with all their guests. Therefore, many cities are organising Street Food Festivals all year around to show the extreme variety present in the island. Coming to Sicily will feel as the best holiday experience that you would have ever had, an unforgettable adventure that Repitaly will let you enjoy from the booking process till the last breath-taking moment in the island. Italy as whole is the greatest tourist destination in the world but as Goethe once said “To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is to not have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything”

”I do not envy God’s paradise because
I am so satisfied to live in Sicily”
Frederick II

Key Destinations in Sicily


The Capital city of the island. The main city of the island it has always been so and so lively example of the multi cultural background present in the island. Central to the lives of all the Sicilian will also be your first stop as a perfect : introduction to what you will be visiting in the rest of Sicily


Beautiful Medieval town, Just 60 km from Palermo, on the coast, will offer you mesmerising beaches, Normans architecture with the World Heritage Site of the Catholic Cathedral.

Siracusa – Ortigia

A stunning Greek / Medieval city, with great views across the bay. Ortigia is the Old Town of Siracusa. Birthplace of Archimede and the pin centre point of the Greek presence in the island. Layered of historical site and full of enchanting architecture all surrounded by a crystal clear sea!

Baroque Noto

The Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto. After an earthquake in 1693 these 8 historic centres and had been rebuilt , restored and reconstruct so to create an exceptional group of towns, all reflecting the late Baroque architecture of the 17th century in all its forms and applications.

Piazza Armerina

Nestled into the hearth of Sicily you will find Piazza Armerina and the the truly astonishing classical mosaics at the Villa Romana del Casale


One more Unesco Word Heritage site her in Sicily is the Archaeological Area of Agrigento. Live example of the Greek period with many Doric temples still in great conditions. Prepare yourself to be amazed.