The green centre of Italy

The Fairy-tale land where time stop
Umbria region is one of those destination where you actually realised that time does not go at the same speed as anywhere else. This is a feeling easily encountered in the villages, the medieval configuration and architecture in Gubbio, Perugia or Terni. You will find it in the people where you will see a typical grandma with an apron still making handmade pasta and always leave the door unlocked. You will also find this feeling in mystical and sacred place like the St Francis Basilica where the monks resided almost one thousands year ago.

Nature at its extreme

Umbria is one of those places where the nature as the civilization stayed untouched for centuries. While in the villages of course, you will still see sign of modernity once you hit the countryside that will be much more difficult to find and therefore it is here that the time would not go by and your memories will build up in a collage of emotions.
The Marmore water fall, the Trasimeno Lake are only few locations in which your walking tours would be most enjoyable. The region will also have much more to offer from old medieval paper factories in Foligno, to chocolate production and refinery in Perugia. Still for the foodies we will bring you to Norcia where the cured ham production is not only a tradition but a religion. Many more fairy-tale location will wait for you in Umbria and many more you will discover yourself while there. Every corner, every ally, every road will lead you to a path filled with joy and splendour. You will get to love this region we can guarantee you of that. We will only be the mean of transport that will bring you here.