Sicily, a destination on is own

A visit that can last a lifetime
If you are wandering what is the best destination to visit in Italy, Sicily is the answer. It is true that here at Repitaly we have a weakness spot when it comes to Sicily, maybe because our director is from there and therefore his input on the locations, tours, holidays, things to do and people to see is remarkable. However, this is also because this island is the greatest spot to start your second or next trip to Italy. Sicily is a location to visit all year around as it is never too cold, but if you like cold you can visit and ski in the Etna Volcano, with its more than 3000 metres is guarantee that your “snowboarding” experience will be irreplaceable.
It has an infinite number of beeches to explore during the summer, some of which unique of is kind as for example “Scala Dei Turchi” (Turkish Ladder) near Agrigento.
Sicily will offer you great historical sites from many different civilisation; finger licking dishes made by Mediterranean ingredients possibly available all year around; Archaeological Museum, Galleries, natural parks; Vine region and Vine Tasting.
Sicily is an experience, and adventure if you wish, and we are here only to bring you there. You will come back richer than you left and your only desire, once back will be to go back next year, the year after and so on.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Three names for a very distinctive identity
Friuli Venezia Giulia is an Italian region not well known to most, despite being only couple of hours from Venice its visitor basin are coming here for cultured cities and wild landscape all mixed in a blend of Italian, Austrian, Slovenian and Croatian cultures.


Trieste is the capitol cities, raised its popularity as “free port” in the Habsburgic Austrian Hungarian Empire between the 18th and 19th centuries become a multicultural city where Italian, Slovenian, Austrian, Hungarian, Yiddish, German and Greek could enjoy pleasant conversation in one of its elegant grand cafes. Places that brought inspiration to many Italian artist and internationals like Hemingway and Joyce. Today atmosphere would still let you taste that not so distant past.


The rest of the region will amaze you. Here you will find World Heritage sites like Auileia with its Villa Del Casale with 4th century mosaic in a 12th century Basilica, The Porto Fluviale and the museum. Follow your instinct and go for a stroll start by exploring the coastline from Duino to Sistiana, move along and be prepared to admire the sea from the top of the Carnic Alps starting from Sauris you will have a path that will bring you till the Dolomites where you can feed your hunger for winter games.

Culinary Heaven

Al the cultures that met in this region could not confront also into the kitchen tradition. Friuli’s is a cuisine that not only tells the story of the land and the seasons, but also hundreds of years of shifting borders and cultural exchange. Deep and proud tradition for coffee, ham, cheese, wine, spirits, legumes soups sweets and much more. White wine is treated as a religion in here and seeps from a light wine for meal to strong distilled spirits called Grappa. San Daniele ham is one of the world most famous cured ham and Montasio cheese. The whole region will blow over for its production and by travelling here you will try it yourselves.

Cinque Terre

Unesco World heritage site of the five fishing villages
Stretched, few kilometres north of La Spezia, you will find the marvellous five fishing villages today known to the world as Cinque Terre (Five Lands). An intricate collection of little path that climb the steeped terraced cliffs passing through a system of fields, gardens, paths. All crossed by a 19th century railway line that cut through a series of costal tunnels ferries the footsore from village to village. Ideal destinations to admire an unprecedented stunning landscape, to analyse a miracle of engineered system dated almost a thousand years.







….The hottest new Italian Destination.

….the Heal.

Apulia (or Puglia in Italian) has been recently elected the top “new” destination in Italy. It took a while for this southern region to gain one of the top spot as generally in Italy the key destinations only include Rome, Florence and Milan. But since the last 5 or 10 years what has changed, most of all, are the locals. People here realised that spreading the culture of your own land, not only enrich the individuals but would also represent an enormous potential of income for the country as such but also for the individuals. Just by applying the natural welcoming nature of the local people to some entrepreneurial spirit and that was it.

….the Sea

Your holiday here in Puglia can start by exploring the Salento region and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of its many Italian best beeches. While there do not ignore your senses, and embark in journey that will bring you trough the stony olive groves that extend between dry-stone walls bordered with oleander.

….the Gargano National Park

Overlooked by the Gargano promontory from which it takes the name, the Gargano National Park will offer many stunning destination from the Tremiti Island to many natural cave passing trough many hiking, bicycle or horseback trail all surrounded by a beautiful crystal clear sea water of the Adriatic sea.

….the cities

Last but not least you will have to visit the many cities and all of what they have to offer, Lecce with its distinctive baroque style is called the Florence of the south. Easternmost town Otranto. Characteristic and fairy-tale architecture in the UNESCO world heritage of Alberobello. The seaside town of Polignano. The beautiful maze like white city on a hilltop Ostuni. Or the another UNESCO site of the port of Brindisi.


a sea of emotions
Sardinia has become of the favourite destination in the whole of Italy. Maybe Is for the dreamiest beaches you’ll find. Or for the hike through silent interior. It could also be for the time travel experience that you can do by visiting the Bronze age Nuraghe. But also for the culinary experience that only the island can offer. We’d like to think that it is for all of this reasons plus much more. Sardinia has been defined as an “oddity” as in here you will be able to find alpine forests almost next to snow white beaches. Here at Repitaly we like Sardinia, we come here for the relaxing atmosphere, the warmth and welcome that the people have to offer. Sometimes we come in Sardinia to feel glamourous and super rich when we walk the streets of Costa Smeralda in harbour filled with super yacht. Sardinia has all of this to offer and we invite you to share this with us.


the best hidden Italian secret
Right in the middle of Italy, a bit more than two-hours drives from Rome ore Florence you will find the best hidden secret destination of Italian travel. Umbria. Umbria is one of the only 5 regions of Italy that does not have a sea shore, and it is the only one that is not in the north of Italy. The landscape here is untouched full of green winding valleys. Comprise mainly by hills mountains hollow and plains. Full of water by result will offer extremely pleasant lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. Ideal for the deeply exploring of tourism make Umbria the top destination among hikers, bikers, caravaners and many more. Its small and picturesque villages attract the one more interested into exploring the heart of the country. Motherland of St’Francis of Assisi it is also a religious destination that bring along crowd of worshiper.


fairy tales and Castles
Located in central-southern Italy, Abruzzo region extends from the heart of the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea, on a predominantly mountainous and wild territory. In the high mountains, between pristine peaks and rocky walls there are tourist resorts and ski resorts. Those make perfect destination for winter sports such as Pescasseroli, Rivisondoli and Roccaraso. The natural scenery of the high and impervious peaks of the Gran Sasso, of the Monti della Laga and of the Majella then slopes towards a wide hilly system, finally reaching the Adriatic coast. The route from the Gran Sasso to the sea crosses territories rich in history, traditions and artistic testimonies that never cease to surprise visitors.
Between the mountains and the hills there are narrow valleys, natural historical routes, including the scenic and suggestive Valle dell’Aterno, dotted with ancient villages. There are numerous nature reserves such as the National Park of Abruzzo, the Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga or that of Majella, which provide protection for plant and animal species typical of the area, such as the golden eagle, the wolf and the Marsican bear.The small villages of the hinterland, the monasteries and the castles of the region that are so many different routes to visit in the greenest region of Italy are full of charm.

Emilia Romagna

Land of Passion
The region of Emilia Romagna is one of the more characteristic of the Italian culture. Situated at the centre of Italy but slightly on the left of the country is a bit like its position resemble the position of a “hearth” in a human body. It might be for this reason that the region is called within the Italians as the “Land of Passion”. At first you might not notice but we here at Repitaly we can positively confirm that it is true. The food is rich in flavour, colourful, strong tasted and diversified as it to clasp a bit of all the other regions in the country. Among is people you will find a bit of wild mixed with courage but most definitely passion. This is why from this region comes the vehicle production excellence of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati and Moto Guzzi. Emilia Romagna is the destination for the seekers of the real Parmiggiano Reggiano Cheese, but also the Grana Padano cheese. And please do not forget the Parma’s cured ham. Passion and vibe that run in the veins of its inhabitants a visit in here will leave you breathless.


White as snow & Black as chocolate
Have you ever visited Piedmont? If you are a lovers of beautiful cities and tourist and cultural attractions, whether you want to admire its beauty for the first time, or you want to organize a weekend to return to the places that have most excited you, Piedmont is the right destination for you. For those who have never had the chance to cross its borders Turin is the place. A capital for many but able to amaze for their unique attractions. Splendid are the many squares, take a walk along Via Po, you will find Piazza Vittorio Veneto, right near the Murazzi, which in summer are populated by young people ready to have fun and party to the rhythm of good music. This is also the Italian region where you want to come to experience the winter sports. Surrounded by the Alps stop in Turin for sure but climb along and visit one of its many Ski Resorts. Here at Repitaly we will give you the chance.