The land of the Thousand castles

Prepare to climb
We said it already but we still like it, here at Repitaly we’d like to share with you and let you know about places that won’t come to mind right away when thinking of Italy. We specialised in finding you lesser known and undiscovered regional destinations — and Abruzzo has it all. This includes the sea and the cost of the Adriatic coastline, lakes and national parks. Wild inaccessible mountains peaks. UNESCO world heritage sites. Some of the most unparalleled beautiful medieval towns in the country. And of course, once in Italy, the most eclectic and different cuisines that vary from the seaside to the mountain.

Medieval castles poised on top
of beautifully preserved hilltop villages

What you would expect from an Italian holiday

Laid upon the mountain and the sea, historically, fishing and farming are the region main rural activities. This of course reflect into the cuisine where fish will amaze in the coast but legumes meat pork and mutton will wait for you in the inland area. If you are pasta lover, search no more as Abruzzo has a longstanding tradition dated on more than 200 years ago.
One of the main activities you can do once in here would most certainly be a cooking class in one of its many family run restaurants. There are quite few and will present you some. Wine and wine tasting will be next. Here you can still find beautiful beaches characterised by white sand in a rocky coastline. Pretty Impressive!! The national parks and the lakes will astonish you at first view. Those will lead you to spectacular hiking trail or for the winter skiing path. We of course mentioned the wonderfully preserved castles. Poised on a hilltop will guarantee you a spectacular 360° view. Do not forget to visit the UNESCO site of the Trabocchi coast.