Emilia Romagna
Warm people and good food

What would you want more

Ravenna, a treasure chest of masterpieces, a city very rich in early Christian art. Visit the ancient capital of the Western Roman Empire and its mosaics. Ferrara where in addition to the houses and palaces, even alleys and streets make the atmosphere magical by immersing visitors in a fabulous climate. We discover its elegance, precision and harmony. In Bologna we will visit the historical center of its richly adorned city of porticos, where the first University of the Western world was created

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We are passionate people, we love our places
we love our food, we love our cars and we love our women!!!

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We now enter the place where architecture is movement, avant-garde and example of environmental sustainability, where the engines seem to play instruments, where dreams materialise: The museums Enzo Ferrari of Modena and Ferrari of Maranello exhibiting the Italian pride known and envied all over the world and we admire masterpieces on four wheels knowing their secrets and origin.
Let’s also visit an “acetaia” (Balsamic Vinegar production site) learning the production and the difficult conservation of the “liquid gold”: the balsamic vinegar of Modena. Will visit the city center, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Through the Via Emilia, we go to the discovery of Parma, the noble city, the birthplace of Verdi, Toscanini, Paganini, the undisputed capital of taste, its palaces, its alleys and its harmony transmit art, culture and a sparkling dimension at every glimpse. At lunch we taste one of the excellences of the territory: the air cured ham, which is history, symbol and belonging to a culture closely linked to the territory. Why not visit now even the small medieval village of Torrechiara, which maintaining an extraordinary integrity, through the castle and the fortress, transmits the order and construction logic typical of the fifteenth century and that with its elevated position allows you to enjoy a privileged view all over the plain.