Here at Repitaly we believe that holidays are moments to enjoy and remember for the rest of your life. In order to do that we are planning to make the process extremely easy for our guest.

As holidays are generally planned in advance we decided to partner with GoCardless Ltd in order to process the payment for your stay in instalments.

From the day of your booking we will agree a payment plan with you and every week or month before the departure day we will process the payment so that at the departure date you will not even realised that you already paid your holiday in full.

We will also make it extremely easy for you as we also partner with PayPal, they will handle our payment request to our guest but will also handle the credit card payment so that you will have a further security that your money is in safe hands when you book with us.

In general payment works in the following way:

● We require an amount of 20% of the price of the package, to be paid at the time of booking or on the binding application and the date by which prior to departure must be paid the balance, resulting from catalogue, brochure or anything else. Non-payment of the sums above the dates constitutes an express termination clause such as to determine, by the intermediary agency and / or the Organiser, the right resolution.

● Due to limited availability and extremely high demand we run a non refundable policy in all our packages. This would generally mean that once a payment has been arranged is non refundable however our cancellation policy state as follow:
a) 10% of the fee up to 30 days before departure;
b) 25% of the price from 29 to 21 working days before departure;
c) 50% of the price from 20 to 11 working days before departure;
d) 75% of the price from 10 to 3 working days before departure;
e) after this time the penalty will be equal to the entire value of the package.

For Full details on our cancellation policy please use our Terms & Condition page

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